Collaboration for bloggers like me

Hi all - I just joined this platform as part of my goal to become a patient advocate for mental health - specifically schizophrenia.

I’ve been running a blog about this for years and have over 100 posts that are usually over 700 words each. The topics vary from things as simple as how my day is going to larger issues like how I manage my illness, stigmas, working, serving in the military (I was medically retired after 15 years for mental health), service dogs (my dog is in training) and many others.

I would like to reach out to other patient advocates who blog to work together a little bit. Maybe guest post on each other’s blogs (and earn some valuable backlinks) to try and expand our messages out to others. I’ll admit, my readership is small… I struggle to stick out versus the big name mental health websites.

Please shoot me a message if you would like to collaborate. I’m open to all topics mental health or general health. My blog is:

Thanks! Brad Pietzyk


I run a blog about my journey with parkinsons, so if you would ever like to connect in any way, please let me know.

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